Eso takes forever to download pc

Eso takes forever to download pc

eso takes forever to download pc

When your PS4 downloads a game update, it's only downloading the changes to the game. This might sound obvious, but it means the initial. Duration: 1:19. Download speed matters. I did download Elder Scrolls Online in my PS4 it took about 14 hours to download 58 GB of game patch (I bought retail disc).

Eso takes forever to download pc - idea very

Thread: Why is the patcher so ridiculously slow?

I have up to 100 Mbps down/ 10 Mbps up connection speed at the moment. Downloading the base game does not take long. However, if you have to, say, reinstall from scratch, that installation is now quite old. The patcher is an old style patcher. It walks through the files in a fashion akin to the old indexed sequential access mode/method (ISAM) database file access methods. It literally patches just the pieces of the file that need patching and skips the rest. I'm not sure if bandwidth is really limiting here. The process is basically: 1. Go to old version's index, download that part, decrypt it locally into a byte array (my opinion, so anything that prevents a local write will slow it or make it fail), write that part over the old part (if you watch it, you can see Windows file access management and processes in action, including its caching a transaction in its journal), increment the index, decrement the count remaining, go to the next index, repeat until the end of the file is reached. Repeat the above for the next file until all have been done. There are 13 such files to do, if I am remembering correctly. For the main game client parts, those are done first and are downloaded as whole files that overwrite the old ones.

For me, small patches take a few minutes to download and finish. Large ones, and if you're seeing 6000+, that's a large one; will by necessity take a long time, of which the downloads are going to be a fraction of the total time. Remember, those patches are a few KB in size to a few MB in size, each. So tell me, especially for those on metered access, which way would be less data intensive? One big one followed by mostly small ones, or multiple large ones? Would there be some intermediate method? How much time and money would that cost and would that expense earn a return sufficient to justify it?

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eso takes forever to download pc

Eso takes forever to download pc

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