Gamestop ps4 digital download

Gamestop ps4 digital download

gamestop ps4 digital download

GameStop, the world's largest videogame retailer. It shows you the code you can put in to the PlayStation Website or into the PlayStation Store on your PS Vita, PSP, PS3, or PS4. Helpful It's definitely better to buy one of these cards than putting your personal credit card on the game system-. GameStop is the king of physical game sales, but it's forming an allegiance think of shelves stocked with the latest discs for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One mobile gaming site, PC digital downloads, and in-store digital sales.

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Sony to stop selling PS4 download codes through retailers, including GameStop

Sony has confirmed to our sister publication, The Verge, that it will no longer allow retail partners to sell digital download codes for PlayStation 4 games. The new policy goes into effect April 1.

Rumors began swirling earlier this week following a leak by Twitter’s Wario64. The popular account, known for uncovering gaming deals far and wide, posted a memo detailing the changes that was circulated internally at GameStop.

While GameStop’s public relations team has not yet responded to our requests to validate the text of the memo, it seems that Sony’s policy is nonetheless very real.

“We can confirm that as of April 1, 2019, Sony Interactive Entertainment will no longer offer full games through SIE’s Global Digital at Retail program,” a PlayStation spokesperson told The Verge. “This decision was made in order to continue to align key businesses globally.”

The new policy puts some consumers in the lurch, specifically those unwilling or unable to use a credit or debit card to purchase directly from Sony’s online storefront. To accommodate, Sony said that it will offer additional denomination values for customers purchasing PlayStation Store cash cards.

“To support full games and premium editions, SIE will introduce increased denominations at select retailers,” the PlayStation spokesperson said. “DLC, add-ons, virtual currency, and season passes will still be available.”

As The Verge points out, Sony’s statement still leaves a few unanswered questions. Chief among them is whether Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, will be affected by this policy change. GameStop’s memo says the change will affect all retailers.

Polygon has reached out to Sony for additional comment and clarification.

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gamestop ps4 digital download

Gamestop ps4 digital download

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