Uconn windows 10 software download

Uconn windows 10 software download

uconn windows 10 software download

hunter dsp600 software download 4 for Windows was listed on Download. 0 6. All requests must come from UConn email address. 10. HUNTERcourse. Explicit network or graphically expressed rules can be used to model; Free with automatic installers for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Go here to download the software or read more about the about Spring SaLaD. VCell is developed at The Center for Cell Analysis & Modeling, at UConn Health. 2019-12-10. VCell 7.2. This software suite is widely used in population genetics because of its flexibility in DNATYPE (Windows 95/NT version); Contact program authors for availability A collection of by the authors Paul Lewis and Dmitri Zaykin via download: http://phylogeny.uconn.edu/ software/. 10. STR POPULATION DATA ANALYSIS.

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Virtual Machine (OVD) - MS in Business Analytics and Project

Welcome School of Business Information Technology Services Chris Buckridge, Chris Zissis Provide Support for OPIM Virtual Desktop (OVD) NetID • Activate your NetID – netid.uconn.edu • If you do not know your NetID click “Find NetID” • NetID is needed for wireless access and the learning portal (HuskyCT) UCONN Wireless • UCONN-SECURE is available in Storrs and the GBLC. • Antivirus protection is required (yes, even for Macs) • UConn Wireless Connecting to UCONN-SECURE • • • • Click the wireless icon in the notification bar Click "UCONN-SECURE“, then click "Connect“ For "Username" type your NetID For "Password" type your NetID password, click "OK“ If you are using Windows 7 please raise your hand for better instructions. Windows 8 & 10 Connecting to UCONN-SECURE • For connection information related to other operating system please go to wireless.uconn.edu Best Connection Method • Ethernet – 1000Mbps vs. 24Mbps – More stable • No disconnects – No authentication needed Ethernet • Reliable • Fast! – $3 - $10 Ultrabook user can use an inexpensive USB to Ethernet adapter $7 - $19 How to Access OPIM Virtual Desktops (OVD) What is Needed? • A Laptop, Desktop, or Tablet • Windows XP+, Mac OSX10.6+, Linux, iOS or Android OS • The LATEST VMware Horizon View Client Downloading VMware Horizon Client • https://view.vpc.uconn.edu/ • Click Install VMware Horizon Client Select the View Client • Choose the correct client for your device or operating system (64-bit). • NOT LOCAL MODE version • Click Download Follow prompts for client installation Save Start install Select IPv4 Follow prompts for client installation Select USB Redirection DO NOT install “Log on as current user” Final Client Configuration Type in the Default View Connection Server: VIEW.VPC.UCONN.EDU Set the default behavior for the “Logged on user” option to SHOW IN OPTIONS MENU if prompted. Connecting to OPIM Virtual Desktop • Start Horizon Client – Windows Start, Type VMware Horizon – Click on the icon • Click on view.vpc.uconn.edu Signing into OPIM Virtual Desktop • Enter your NetID • Enter your NetID password. • Make sure the domain is “UCONN” • Click Login Choosing the right session • OPIM Virtual Desktop is the correct session. – It has your software – Send me an email with your NetID if you don’t see OPIM Virtual Desktop • SkyBox does not have your software OVD Available Software • SAS 9.4, Enterprise Miner 12.1, • JMP Pro 12.01 • Office 2013 Professional Plus Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, InfoPath, Project, Visio, OneNote • R, RExcel • RapidMiner • Oracle SQL Developer • Visual Studio 2013 Premium • Tableau Desktop • SPSS Data Modeler 17 OVD Sessions & Data • • • • Sessions close after 15 minutes of nonuse Save as you go UCONN File Services (P:\) Web browser interface – – – – Dropbox.com OneDrive Google Drive Send data in an email New Feature - Saving Files • New Horizon Client for Windows feature • Allow Access • In OVD click Start “This PC” Laptop Sleep Mode is BAD! Session disconnects abruptly Problems reconnecting to OVD – Bring a power adapter – Disable sleep when laptop is closed Terminate OVD sessions properly – Save your work – Click Horizon’s, Option icon on the tool bar and select Disconnect and Log Off – Or In OVD click Start and Log Off user – Then power off laptop Data IS NOT SAVED BETWEEN SESSIONS • • • • • • • Accessing Student Files from home http://fileserver.uconn.edu/students/ Student Home Directory (P:\) 10 Gigabytes (GB) Private Storage Accessed via NetID. Files are secured behind UConn’s Firewalls. Virtual Private Network Session is required while off campus Support Tips • Your NETID is needed to help you • Explain that you are in working in School of Business OPIM Virtual Desktop • Provide details – Specific error messages – Screen shots help Do Not have OPIM Virtual PC? • If you don’t have the OPIM OVD session Send email to: [email protected][email protected] Select VMware Products • • • • FREE! Request an account Click here to register You must register with a valid UConn email address, all others will be ignored Available Products • • • • • • • VMware Workstation 11 VMware Player 7 VMware Fusion 7 (Mac) VMware vCenter Server 5, 6 VMware Cloud Suite VMware vSphere 5, 6 Discounts on study materials and Certification Exams OPIM Software on Personal Devices • • • • • Windows ONLY versions JMP Pro 12 (FileLocker, links forthcoming) Rapid Miner 6 and Rapid Miner 5.3 (Internet) Tableau Desktop (Links forthcoming) NodeXL (Internet) – • • R (Internet) RExcel (Internet) – • • • • Requires Microsoft Excel 2010 or 2013 Excel 2010 or 2013, R, rscproxy, rcom with statconnDCOM (Internet) IBM SPSS Data Modeler 17 (File Locker, links forthcoming) Oracle SQL Developer (Internet) Visual Studio 2015 Community (Internet) Office 2013, Windows 8.1 (OnTheHub) Windows 10 • Best to wait if possible • Some software not certified by publisher – – – – JMP12 Pro Tableau SPSS Data Modeler SQL Developer Problems connecting to OVD? • Are you connected to UCONN-SECURE – Use Ethernet instead • Have you updated to the LATEST version of the Horizon Client (https://view.vpc.uconn.edu/) • Have you tried the web client? https://view.vpc.uconn.edu/portal/webclient/index.h tml Where to Get Support Questions: – [email protected] – [email protected] Support: • [email protected] • [email protected] GBLC Room 203 -Sat 8 to 2 - Weekdays 9AM to 8PM HelpSpot Support Portal • http://help.business.uconn.edu – Knowledge Books – Submit a Request – Check on a Request
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Uconn windows 10 software download

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