How to download older version on excel

How to download older version on excel

how to download older version on excel

I'm afraid your Office 365 license does not include the option to download or install older versions. Also, Microsoft doesn't sell Excel 2013 any. Describes how to download and install the Real Statistics Resource Pack for use with version of Excel prior to Excel 2007. The resource uses a.xla file. Download old versions of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more for Android. how to download older version on excel

How to download older version on excel - have won

Download an older version of a document on Google Docs

If you download the current version of your document, right-click on the download in the Downloads window of your browser (Firefox) and copy the URL. Then simply append and paste this new URL into your browser address bar and hit enter. It will download that specific revision.

So the only exercise left is finding out which revision ID you need to use.

In order to do that, visit revisions list and click on Try it now, then enter the fileId of your document, which is the long string of characters and numbers between and the next slash in your browsers URL bar when editing the document. It's also visible in the download URL you copied before. Paste that into the fileId on the API explorer page an hit Authorize and execute.

Scroll down to the response, look at the modifiedTime and choose the correct number from the id field. Then use that number to download your document. The final URL should look something like this:

Where is the fileId and is your revision number.

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How to download older version on excel

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