Topnotch pearson pdf download

Topnotch pearson pdf download

topnotch pearson pdf download

top notch 1 student book pdf free download. Duration: 1:35. TOP NOTCH. English for Today's World. FUNDAMENTALS. Joan Saslow. Allen Ascher. With Top Notch Pop Songs and Karaoke by Rob Morsberger. PEARSON.

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Topnotch pearson pdf download - are not

Make English unforgettable

Top Notch 3rd Edition prepares adults and young adults to interact confidently in English. A communicative English course, it makes English unforgettable through the right input of language, intensive practice, and systematic recycling.

Top Notch is the best choice for a fun and engaging course with the widest range of student and teacher support materials.

  • Prepare your students to speak English with anyone. Speakers with various accents give students the opportunity to hear different types of English.
  • Keep your class engaged with clear, practical and communicative goals in every lesson.
  • Manage mixed ability classes with materials and activities that you can adapt for the whole class, pair work conversation and individual learning.
  • Teach off the page with the comprehensive teacher support, materials and activities available, minimizing the time you need to prepare.

Extra interactive practice activities including listening, reading, vocabulary and grammar activities available online - extend practice outside of the classroom.

Extra grammar exercises in every grammar section for interactive practice in class and handouts for homework.

Digital full-color vocabulary flash cards assist vocabulary presentation, practice, and review to improve retention of new vocabulary.

New MyEnglishLab content which includes immediate and meaningful feedback on wrong answers and remedial exercises for students who fall below a certain threshold repeatedly.

Classroom audio program online: access online and download the audio program without the trouble of loading discs.

Top Notch Go App: get the full classroom audio program on your mobile phone for listening on the go. Android & iOS.

Conversation Activator videos dramatize the conversation models in the Student's Book, encouraging student to change personalize, and extend them.

Pronunciation Coach videos provide extra support and extra spoken practice for the pronunciation topic in each unit with animated examples to clarify the lesson.

Grammar Coach videos explain each grammar point and provide further examples. They help students check their understanding before proceeding to assessment.

Top Notch 3rd Edition delivers a fully-integrated learning package, for both teachers and students. 

Components include the Students' Book and Workbook, Teacher's Edition and Lesson Planner, Top Notch Go App, MyEnglishLab, plus loads more.

The Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA)

In 2016, Top Notch won the TAA award for Textbook Excellence.

This award is judged by textbook authors and subject matter experts for merits in four areas:

  • Pedagogy
  • Content/Scholarship
  • Writing
  • Appearance & Design
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topnotch pearson pdf download

Topnotch pearson pdf download

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