Motherload drilling game download full version

Motherload drilling game download full version

motherload drilling game download full version

You use these cards to bomb and drill minerals and other bonuses from the game board. You then use the minerals you've collected as money to purchase better. It has all the digging fun of older digging games like dig dug, and the ore Everything you want form a mining game, Super Motherload has got. found out recently that Super Motherload was available to download on PSN. To get them for free, download our Motherload hack tool now, Super Motherload is a 1 to 4-player couch co-op digging adventure with as the Grand Theft Motherload goldium edition download free series, but the action is. motherload drilling game download full version

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Motherload is made by XGen Studios.


Gather resources and buy upgrades to dig as far as you can. You have to dig ores and sell them to raise cash, which you use to buy fuel, digger upgrades, explosives, and other supplies. you can only sell ore and buy items at the surface. If you run out of fuel, your digger explodes and you die (game over). There are more valuable (and heavier) ores as you go deeper into the mine. There are several types of Alien Artifacts which are of considerable value and appear randomly throughout the mine (below 950 feet). The values of ores playing Level 1 are:

Mineral Value ($) Weight (Kg) Depth (- ft)
Ironium 30 10
Bronzium 60 10
Silverium 100 10
Goldium 250 20
Platinium 750 30
Einsteinium 2,000 40 1,200
Emerald 5,000 60 1,500
Ruby 20,000 80 3,000
Diamond 100,000 100 4,000
Amazonite 500,000 120 4,500

--- The values of Alien Artifacts (scored as cash) are:

Dinosaur Bones - $1000

Treasure Chest - $5000

Alien Mummy - $10,000

Religious Symbol (ankh) - $50,000


Mensajes Edit

Depth guide Edit

Resource List Edit

Upgrades List (Goldium Edition)Edit

All of the last upgrades (Besides the MultiDrill) are automatically applied after finding the Ancient Scroll corresponding to it, which only appear between -3,700ft. and -7,300ft. Each time you start a new game or load a previous save, 1 random Ancient Scroll will appear. The upgrade will be saved with your game until you defeat Mr. Natas and start a new level, however the MultiDrill is permanent, as long as you didn't quit the game between getting the multi-drill and beating the boss.(This is quite harder than it seems.)


Better Drills allow you to drill faster. Rocks, however, can only be drilled through with the MultiDrill.

Name ft/s Cost
Stock Drill ? -
Silvide Drill 28 750
Goldium Drill 40 2,000
Emerald Drill 50 5,000
Ruby Drill 70 20,000
Diamond Drill 95 100,000
Amazonite Drill 120 500,000


Better Hulls grant more health before dying.

Name Health Cost
Stock Hull 10 -
Ironium Hull 17 750
Bronzium Hull 30 2,000
Steel Hull 50 5,000
Platinium Hull 80 20,000
Einsteinium Hull 120 100,000
Energy-Shielded Hull 180 500,000
Regenerative Hull 180 N/A


Better Engines allow faster movement and ability to fly upwards with more weight (minerals).

The Hyper-Drive gives you infinite free teleports to the surface (press M)

Name Horse Power Cost
Stock Engine ? -
V4 1600 cc 160 750
V4 2.0 Ltr Turbo 170 2,000
V6 3.8 Ltr 180 5,000
V8 Supercharged 5.0 Ltr 190 20,000
V12 6.0 Ltr 200 100,000
V16 Jag Engine 210 500,000
Hyper Drive ? N/A

Fuel TanksEdit

Fuel Tanks allow you to go longer without re-fuelling.

The Fuel Integrator turns Gas Pockets into Fuel.


Radiators decrease damage done by drilling into Lava and Gas pockets.

The magma converter gives you ~$500 every time you mine a lava pocket.

Name Effectiveness Cost
Stock Fan 0 % -
Dual Fans 10 % 2,000
Single Turbine 25 % 5,000
Dual Turbine 40 % 20,000
Puron Cooling 60 % 100,000
Tri-Turbine Freon Array 80 % 500,000
Magma Converter 80 % N/A

Cargo BaysEdit

Better Cargo Bays allow you to store more minerals before you have to either dump them or return to surface to sell them.

The Portable Wormhole stores an infinite amount of minerals. Materials "teleported" still have weight.

Name Cubic ft Cost
Micro Bay 10 -
Medium Bay 15 750
Huge Bay 25 2,000
Gigantic Bay 40 5,000
Titanic Bay 70 20,000
Leviathan Bay 120 100,000
Portable Wormhole N/A

Purchasable Equipment^Edit

Name Effect^^^^ Cost Hotkey
Reserve Fuel Tank Refuels 25 Liters to your fuel tank^^ 2,000 F
Hull Repair Nanobots Repairs 30 damage (Restores 30hp to Hull)^^ 7,500 R
Dynamite Blows up a 3x3 square around your pod^^^ 2,000 X
Plastic Explosive Blows up a 5x5 square around your pod^^^ 5,000 C
Quantum Teleporter Teleports and launches you up or down near the surface (damage to hull almost definate) 2,000 Q
Matter Transmitter Teleports you safely next to the Fuel Station 10,000 M

^Can buy more than 1 of each type of equipment at any time and does not weigh your pod down.

^^Cannot repair/refuel up to more than the maximum statistic that you are restoring of your current upgrade

^^^Minerals and Rare Items in the area of the blast will be destroyed

^^^^Dynamite, Plastic Explosives, Quantum Teleporter and Matter Transmitter can only be used if you are touching the floor of a level.

You can play Motherload 98 more times after you defeated the Devil aka Mr. Natas in levels. You also get a Devil's head for each time you kill him. So there are in total 99 levels.


Challenges are, as name suggests, are levels where you have a target to achieve. Every time challenge is completed, fuel is refilled, and hull is repaired. Also, every few challenges you get better equipment to make goal reachable. Completing all 12 gives a Multi-Drill if you start new game.

# Target Time limit
1 5 Ironium 1:00
2 3 Ironium and 3 Bronzium 1:20
3 3 Silverium 2:00
4 Reach 600 feet 1:00
5 Reach 1400 feet 2:00
6 Reach 2400 feet and 5 Goldium 3:00
7 Reach 2500 feet and 5 Platinium 2:00
8 5 more Platinium 2:00
9 Destroy the rock layer at 2560 feet with dynamite 1:00
10 Navigate through 1st maze 1:00
11 Navigate through 2nd maze 2:00
12 Navigate through 3rd maze 5:00


The pod cannot drill upwards.

  • If you fly on a twelve-feet-high horizontal shaft,or anywhere with a ceiling,  the height is raised +2ft, or in other words, -10ft below the soil above, but the propeller seems to penetrate the soil above.
  • Gas Pockets seem to take impact after digging exactly 5 ft into it.(e.g. surface -5500, effect -5505)
  • Lava Pockets actually deal damage TWO times seperately, meaning that if you press 'R' in between, there's a chance to survive it with a weaker hull(e.g. Bronzium). The total damage of the two 'sessions' is complete in one dig, which is explained in the article Dangers in game 'Motherload'.
  • Stock Fan's efficiency is 0%.
  • Rubies, Diamonds, and Amazonite may spawn at surface level at extremely rare occasions.
  • If a gas pocket is spawned above -3000 ft, it may even act as a hull repair, but this has almost zero chance.
  • It is safer to drill through lava when near the core, than to dig through blank soil as they are almost always filled with gas (minerals will never have gas pockets).
  • A rare glitch can be seen sometimes where a block of soil appears to be irregular, and once you get near or at it, it is revealed to be a mineral, or normal soil. Sometimes, it is just empty space.
  • Informal testing from many players, claimed the existence of gas pockets as high as -3800 ft, but the officially confirmed highest is around -4,700 ft.
  • If you die while fighting the boss, sometimes it will start all over again. The pod will be invisible, but smoke trails might be seen. If you take additional damage, you die naturally with the game over screen.
  • If you enter the fighting arena, but do not beat the boss, the game might think it is still in fight mode, and the health bar will remain there, and the ground will shake with an evil laugh from Mr. Natas. You cannot check inventory. If you save, load again, then receive another message, this might happen again, and there is no way to fix this without beating the boss and loading a new level. This was later fixed and you can leave the boss area and go back to normal mode.
  • There is an extremely rare glitch where, you beat the boss and the screen turns gold, but it wouldn't freeze and give you money for selling bits of the devil's parts. When this happens, you have to re-start the battle all over again.
  • Motherload uses a round-down basis, which means Ironium becomes worth $0 after Level 31.
  • The altimeter depth limit is not actually -5812 ft. It is -5812.5 ft, and since the game uses a round down basis(as mentioned above), it is possible to see '-5813 ft' in the altimeter when you hover just below the -5812 mark. The actual depth of Hell is -7187 feet, i.e. one level less than 7200 feet, the roof of Hell.
  • A rare glitch can be found where the game lags whilst mining a block, and end up going through the block with intent to mine, and end up underneath.
  • Flying upward into the sky results in no additional special events after the message from Mr. Dog at 10,000ft.: The background colors cycle through various shades and brightnesses of blue (from white to black, then back again), but no irregular or special events happen. (In just a matter of minutes, this user achieved an altitude of greater than +100000 ft in the sky and there was no altimeter malfunction throughout the flight; and note that this value is beyond the absolute value of the -66666 at which Satan is found.)
  • The maximum altitude, should you go there, is 27,850.000 feet, after which you unalterably transition to an abyss below Hell (from which you can only escape, in a hacked version, by flying another 27 million feet up to the floor of Hell, which can be penetrated at hacked upward speeds of 20,000 feet per minute).
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Motherload drilling game download full version

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