Power of habit torrent download

Power of habit torrent download

power of habit torrent download

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Power of habit torrent download - remarkable

Torrent Power Grid Limited

Basic Information

Nature of BusinessManufacturer
Company CEOManager
Legal Status of FirmLimited Company (Ltd./Pvt.Ltd.)
Annual TurnoverRs. 50 - 100 Crore

Statutory Profile

CIN No.U40104GJ2005PLC046660

About Us

Torrent Power is one of the leading brands in the Indian power sector, promoted by the Rs. 21000 Crore Torrent Group – committed to its mission of transforming life by serving two of the most critical needs - healthcare and power. It is an integrated power utility and is one of the largest private sector players in India having interests in power generation, transmission, distribution and manufacturing and supply of power cables.
Torrent Power foresaw the prospects in the power sector much before the liberalization, when it took-over and successfully turned around an ailing power cable company Mahendra Electricals, renaming it as ‘Torrent Cables Ltd.’ (now merged with Torrent Power Limited w.e.f. 1st April, 2014). The high points of Torrent’s foray into power however were the acquisitions of two of the India’s oldest utilities – The Surat Electricity Company Ltd and The Ahmedabad Electricity Company Ltd. Torrent turned them into first rate power utilities, in terms of operational efficiencies and reliability of power supply.
Torrent ranks amongst the best run power utilities in the country with highly efficient generation assets. It has a portfolio of coal based, gas based and renewable power plants with an aggregate generation capacity of 3600 MW. It also has under-construction wind power plants aggregating to 1111 MW. The gas based plants of the Company possess greater environmental value with state of the art technology and in-built efficiency enhancing design features.
The Company distributes power to over 3 million customers annually in its distribution areas of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat and Dahej SEZ (Gujarat), in Bhiwandi (Maharashtra) and in Agra (Uttar Pradesh). The T&D loss in license areas of the Company is amongst the lowest in the country. The Company offers highly personalized and innovative customer services that incorporate various convenience features.
Torrent Power created history by entering into the country’s first distribution franchisee agreement with Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited for Bhiwandi Circle in December 2006. In 2009 it was awarded the distribution franchise for Agra in Uttar Pradesh. The significant reduction in AT&C losses in both Bhiwandi and Agra is a testimony of Company’s operational efficiency.
From establishing a prominent presence in the generation sector through thermal and renewable generation - to creating a link to the distribution utilities through an effective transmission network - to reaching the end consumer with uninterrupted power supply and 24X7 customer care initiatives through its distribution network, Torrent Power has proven its mettle as an integrated power utility.
The Company is likewise committed to the cause of social service and is repeatedly channelizing a part of its resources and activities, such that it positively affects the society. As a part of its CSR initiatives, the Company makes concentrated efforts in the fields of Community Healthcare, Sanitation & Hygiene, Education & Knowledge Enhancement and Social Care & Concern.+ Read More

Board of Directors

Shri Sudhir Mehta (Chairman Emeritus)Shri Pankaj Patel (Independent Director)
Shri Samir BaruaShri Kiran Karnik
Shri Keki M. Mistry (Independent Director)Smt. Bhavna Doshi (Independent Director)
Ms. Dharmishta Raval (Independent Director)Shri Pankaj Joshi (Nominee Non-Executive Director)
Shri Samir Mehta (Chairman)Shri Jinal Mehta (Managing Director)
Committees of Board of Directors
Audit and Risk Management Committee
Keki Mistry (Chairman)
Samir Barua
Kiran Karnik
Bhavna Doshi
Dharmishta Raval
Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Kiran Karnik (Chairman)
Sudhir Mehta
Pankaj Patel
Dharmishta Raval
Stakeholders Relationship Committee
Pankaj Patel (Chairman)
Samir Mehta
Jinal Mehta
Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Bhavna Doshi (Chairperson)
Samir Barua
Jinal Mehta
Committee of Directors
Samir Mehta (Chairman)
Jinal Mehta
+ Read More

Our Core Values

These strong pillars, the Core Values, which Torrent believes in and constantly strives to build, are: Integrity, Passion for Excellence, Participative Decision Making, Concern for Society & Environment, Fairness with Care and Transparency.
Each of these Timeless Values, a Pillar of Strength, ENSURES OUR LONGEVITY.
INTEGRITYWhen truth is paramountThoughts and actions entail doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances; whether or not anyone is watching. This requires inner courage and conviction, no matter what the consequences are. It is honouring one’s commitments and being accountable for one’s actions, end-to-end.
PASSION FOR EXCELLENCEWhen best is not enough Passion for excellence means not doing extra-ordinary things, but doing ordinary things in all pursuits exceedingly well. Passion and excellence are forces that fuel each other on the exclusive path to leadership. As we are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit.
PARTICIPATIVE DECISION MAKINGInvolvement that engenders effectiveness An ideal organisation facilitates participation and involvement of each of its members in various decision making processes, thus ensuring their commitment to such decisions as well as its outcome. It provides a platform for seeking and nurturing constructive ideas from individuals, teams and units which eventually yields exceptional results.
CONCERN FOR SOCIETY & ENVIRONMENTWhen every smile matters Concern for Society & Environment is a sense of responsibility and contribution to society that defines our existence. It entails making a difference in the quality of lives and environment surrounding us. It is important to encourage fellow-members on collective as well as individual basis to fulfil the responsibility of leaving behind a world rich in flora and fauna and rich in time tested values and ideals and above all rich in social fervour for our future generations.
FAIRNESS WITH CAREHarnessing equality Fairness and Care towards all fellow members are inextricably linked. Weaving the threads of equality, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and gender, into the day to day fabric, ensures fairness for each and every individual. Empathic care recognises needs and aspirations of all. Only such fairness and care eventually lead fellow members to the dawn of eternal success.
TRANSPARENCYOpenness that builds enduring trust Transparency implies openness. It is the opposite of secrecy. It encourages more informed decision making and aids in creating enduring trust among all stakeholders.+ Read More

Our Philosophy

“Think of others also, when you think about yourself”. With this philosophy of Founder Chairman Shri U. N. Mehta, Torrent Group makes concentrated efforts through its CSR activities to positively impact the society. Torrent strongly believes that the sustainability of any business is directly related to the well-being and development of the society in which it is embedded. Through its various CSR initiatives, it endeavours to give back to the society, for all the care, support and encouragement being bestowed upon it.
Torrent Group concentrates its efforts diligently in the areas of:
Community Health care, Sanitation and Hygiene,Education and Knowledge Enhancement,Social Care and ConcernThe CSR activities are mainly confined at the places where Group’s headquarters is situated and locations in and around its operations so that the twin objectives of service to the neighbourhood & the community along with involving the individual & collective will and efforts of the Torrent Family can be achieved.+ Read More
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Power of habit torrent download

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