Failed network error when downloading video files from cloud

Failed network error when downloading video files from cloud

failed network error when downloading video files from cloud

Duration: 2:14. Duration: 4:26. Often my Chrome fails to download a file (Failed - Network error). Salesforce sales cloudJan 29, 2020 · Download KB4524445 using the links under interruptedFailed-Network error in Chrome You can also Check New video How to fix. failed network error when downloading video files from cloud

Failed network error when downloading video files from cloud - risk

Downloading Large Files? You Must Use This Trick To Never Fail

If you can't resume the failed download, that is irritating. Large files like videos, movies, high-resolution images or other files that are big take time to download and may fail at any time before the downloading is completed.

The reason for the error in completion of download may be the network error, server timeout or sometimes unknown error. The incomplete downloaded file is of no use and its waste of precious bandwidth and your time.

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Even if you are using an Internet download manager, they also fail many times.
I wasted about 10 GB bandwidth trying to download Windows 10 Technical preview which failed at about 2 GB and for more than 5 times. Every time the FDM shown error 'file in service has changed'.
Here is the best way to download large files.

➤ We will first save it to cloud service like Dropbox, without downloading the file locally. 

➤This process is fast and there is no way to fail or getting errors as this will happen from server to server irrespective of your ISP or your network speed.

➤Now you can use the Google Drive or Dropbox desktop client as your free download manager.


We will download or save the large web file direct to cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Then the Dropbox desktop client will sync the file and download it to your hard drive.

It will not need any resume support and the file will download byte by byte so no waste of bandwidth at all. Dropbox will take care of not corrupting the file.

 It may take little extra time than the dedicated Internet download manager software but its worth as you have a sure way and you will never lose the download in between.



  • Get the URL of the file. 
  • Get the real URL of the final downloadable file. Not the forwarding URL. 
  • Eg. In case of downloading Windows 10 ISO, if you directly copy the URL from Microsoft website to download the ISO, it's something like this but the real ISO is located at
  • To get the real URL, just try to download the file with Google Chrome. Once the download is started, cancel it and go to the download tab and then copy the real URL of the file.
  • Now you have grabbed the downloading URL of the file you want to download without fail.
  • Go to Thoaimedia and paste the URL in the 'file URL' box.
  • Give name as you want.
  • Select the cloud service you wish to save the file to. I used Dropbox.  You have to allow Thoaimedia and give access permissions.
  • Select folder where you want to save the file.
  • After a minute or two, the file will be saved to your cloud account. You can check if the process is completed from the web account.
Note that sometimes, you may get 'Time Out' error from Thoaimedia website. But wait for 5 minutes and check on your cloud service from website. Not from the desktop client. You may have the file saved there.
  • The desktop client will start to sync and download the file.

Why use Dropbox instead of Google Drive or OneDrive?

  • Sync is faster and robust. Works fine even with slow Internet connections. Google Drive shows 'unable to connect' error on slow connection. (Personal Experience)

  • Dropbox gives you the correct information about how much file is downloaded and how much time is remaining to complete the sync process. 
  • There is no way to know such information in Google Drive and OneDrive.


If you get some problem with Dropbox to save file from Thoaimedia, you can first download the file to Google Drive and then transfer it to Dropbox by using .

I tried it and now using it for downloading any file larger than 500 MB to be sure, that I will never lose the downloaded file halfway.

Do you have any other sure-shot way to download larger files? Please share.

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Failed network error when downloading video files from cloud

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